“No one knows what’s just around the corner, but you do need to know what to do next if you or a loved one are seriously injured”

You’re entitled to a free consultation when you or someone you love is seriously injured.

Whether it’s in a car accident, injured on a construction site, hurt on the job, injured on any other premise, someone else may be liable.

Even though no one knows what’s just around the corner, you do need to know what to do next if you’re ever seriously injured.  Based on a series of questions during your free consultation with a personal injury attorney, if our Firm decides to take your case, we’ll do the necessary upfront investigation and research at Stanley Law.  As our principles and system at Stanley Law states we’ll “Leave no stone unturned.”  Based on that research and analysis that we always do, we’ll determine at that point whether the cased has to be sued (because the insurance companies will never resolve the personal injury case without a suit) or do we make an attempt to settle the case.  We would decide that based upon the track record that your type of case – and the kinds of other personal injury cases that we know, based on experience, that insurance companies will sometimes settle.  Once you pass that threshold, if the insurance company doesn’t settle, or you have to sue, then you have to dig deeper into the legal process.

That’s the time, the situation, where a lot of times people don’t necessarily understand what’s involved.  The legal process in a personal injury case can be a long, drawn out, interesting experience to say the least.  If you’re seriously injured, know this:  your insurance company will  DENY and DELAY your claim because it’s simply what they do as a matter of practice.  You’ll need a strong, serious attorney, the support of a committed Team, to help you navigate what’s otherwise a complex and difficult process to ultimately get the money you deserve when someone else is liable.

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