First Call

Question: You often talk about, Joe, that it’s so important – timing. When you’ve had a serious injury or someone you love has had a serious accident, timing is so critical. Why is the first call, that call that you make to seek legal counsel, so important?

Joe: It’s part of what we always talk about. This is how you get information. You want to get information so you understand what your legal rights are. What needs to be done? What can you do to help in what is a bad situation? When that happens, we give advice. We don’t necessarily even get hired but we give advice. We tell people how they should deal with insurance companies. How they should deal with an investigation. What they need to look for and what to expect. And again to a lot of people this is not something that is in the normal course of what they do. It is information so they can make a decision on whether they want to go forward, what they need to do to go forward and how they can protect themselves the best way they can.

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