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Question: Joe, we starting off a new year and although you never know what’s just around the corner, you can control certain things. Certainly your finances and financial planning. What are some words of wisdom, if you will, that families can take?

Joe: From a legal aspect, because that is what we do, there are a lot of things you can plan for. You always hope for the best but you always have to plan for the worst. Families should have wills. They should have plans for bad events. Which could mean disability insurance. We’ve talked about it, if it’s feasible.

It’s not all that expensive, is it?

It depends, your business might have it, your employer might have it but that is a good thing to look at. Life insurance is a good thing to look at. We’ve talked about homeowners, car insurance and other types of insurance that you might have and be able to combine into different kinds of situations. Those are all things that you want to look at. Health proxies. You need to sit down and make a list. Figure out what is important, where you are spending your money, where you want to save and what you can save on.

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