“Do I have to go to court?”

As a personaly injury lawyer I get asked “Do I have to go to court?”  Our justice system is set up – where jurors, everyday people, get to decide as to what happened and whether you’re entitled to compensation in the case of an accident where personal injury’s involved.  Unfortunately in today’s age, the insurance companies have worked well to tell you and everyone else, that anyone who goes to court is not legitimate, or their’s not serious.  The insurance companies of course do this, in order to pay as little as possible or to get away without paying anything at all to the injured person.  That’s why we do the four cornerstones, that’s why we talk about understanding the process and how the insurance companies work.  We must leave no stone unturned because we know what the insurance company’s approach entails.  We work at educating the public and sharing the other side of the story… we want you as potential jurors to understand what’s really at stake, and try to convey how the insurance companies really work.  They’re in the business of profit.  Period.  So they work hard to advertise and promote that claims aren’t legit, that the person’s a bad person or is suspect right out of the gate.  Meanwhile, most law firms today only ACCEPT LEGITIMATE CLAIMS and cases.  We are after all a contingency-based field.  We only receive compensation for our time, efforts, hard work, research, hiring experts, conducting months if not years of effort… if our client wins his or her case.  If a case is in court, it’s because that person has a legitimate claim and right to be there.  It means that someone’s at fault, and that person needs help.  We’re working hard everyday for people that deserve compensation and recognition for the things that have happened to them.  I always say bad things happen to good people.  We leave no stone unturned when we work to get these good people enough money to help them put their lives back together again.

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