Distracted Driving

Question: Joe, this time of year, drivers have to be careful of a lot of construction, of course. What about texting and using that cell phone especially with the construction and the mix up of roads and everything that goes on?

Joe: Distracted driving is probably the most often cause of an accident. Distracted driving, believe it or not, encompasses a lot of things that people do not think of every day. Distracted means you aren’t paying attention. I can tell you from my experience that 99% of the accidents are not paying attention. Why aren’t you paying attention? You could be eating. You could be drinking in the car. I’m not talking about alcohol, which you should never be doing. You could be texting. You could be watching your GPS device. You could be changing the radio station. You could be talking. You could be yelling at the kids. You could be doing just about anything in terms of driving that distracts you and takes your eyes off the road. That is a very dangerous situation.

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