Deny and Delay

Question: Hi Joe, we’ve been hearing a lot about Worker’s Comp and Social Security Disability. A high percentage of cases are denied. Is that right? Right out of the gate, just denied.

Joe: Well our firm deals with people that are hurt. A vast majority of them are hurt and are eligible for Worker’s Compensation and Social Security Disability. Whether you are in car accident, a job accident, a construction accident and the general rule is Social Security, very large percentages of them are denied initially because that is the way the government operates.  Worker’s Comp is not necessarily denials but there’s significant delays or reductions in benefits or there are serious methods of the how they make you go back to work if though you are not ready to go back to work. It’s more delay and delay for Worker’s Comp and denial for Social Security Disability. That is the system and that is how they work. When you are involved in it you’ll know and it is not fun.

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