Deny and Delay Part 2

Question:  Joe, last week you spoke of Colossus and the technology that insurance companies utilize to determine the value of a case and how to settle a case. How do you walk a client through understanding how to succeed past this deny and delay system that insurance companies utilize?

Joe:  First of all, you to understand that Colossus is just on of several programs that are out there that gage whether insurance companies are going to pay or not. All programs work by the information that is put in and the proper information is written with at least some basis of trying to be fair that there at least should be ballpark grounds to resolve the case. Unfortunately, if the programs are not set up properly or the information isn’t put in properly then you are always going to get the “deny and delay”.  So, it is a very difficult process. We tell clients that and that is what litigation or going to court is about.

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