“Contact cancelled with a Contractor”

Q:  “After signing a contract with a contractor to remodel her kitchen, my daughter’s decided to go with someone else.  Can she cancel the contract?”

A:   Well that’s a fairly easy question to answer – yes, she should be able to cancel the contract with the contractor so long as there isn’t any special provision in the contract re: a cancellation policy.  There’s always a word of advice that goes along with these types of contracts… don’t do it briefly, meaning:   Make sure all the critical terms of the contract, details, are really covered in depth.  Cancellations, down payments, when you have to pay, are all important details to cover in written form.  Otherwise, you could get into trouble and it could cost you a lot of money if the contractor wanted to really pursue and hold you to the contract.  In this particular case though it sounds like you’re ok, just always beware.

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Posted By: Joe Stanley

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