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Question: Joe, we’ve been talking about construction, distracted driving during the summer and the change of roads. But then you have your constructions workers, who are very busy this time of year. Can you talk a little about what construction workers should be aware of it they happen to get injured on the job?

Joe: There is always a little bit of controversy about our laws and construction workers. There is a reason the law in New York protects construction workers because it is dangerous. It can be very dangerous and life threatening. With those special laws that protects them, it requires anybody that is injured at a construction site to really have the circumstances of how they got injured investigated. I’ve talked about it before, its’ amazing the laws is restrictive in terms of the categories of injuries and accidents that it covers. You could have one situation that is almost identical to another and not be covered. You really should contact a lawyer right away when you are hurt on a construction site.

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