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Question: Joe, construction sites can be a very dangerous place. You shared a story recently with me about Carl, who suffered a pretty serious injury. Can you talk a little bit about what that involved and how you helped them?

Joe: Carl got hurt on a construction site in a fall. There are a lot of situations where falls happen on a construction site. New York has special rules for construction workers that protect them from falls and other certain situations in which harms arise in a construction site. We were able, in Carl’s case, to show that New York State rules applied and he was entitled to recover for the very serious injuries he sustained. Which involved medical bills and substantial lost earnings. Those are the kind of cases, when I see anyone who is involved in a construction site accident, I tell them that they need to get a lawyer who handles these kinds of cases because they are very complicated and the law is very difficult. They need help to understand the rules so that their rights are protected.

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