Construction Cases

Somewhere, in many places, across Central New York, tomorrow morning people are waking up and going to work on a construction site. What do they need to know  that they may not already know? What are the things that they need to be thinking about?

Well it’s important work and it’s very hazardous work. Fortunately, at least, the New York the law is still in place that protects construction workers better than most other kinds of workers. So, that hazardous work that is necessary for us, if they suffer a catastrophic injury they are protected.  That doesn’t mean that if you’re hurt on a construction site that you are actually going to get what you should.  It means that law is there. The law is not straightforward in a sense. I’ve been doing it for a long time and the law that covers construction workers is probably the most confounding and confusing set of law that there is.

It’s always changing.

It is important that they know if you are hurt, you need to establish facts, facts, and facts. This is a case where I say you must talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.

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