Construction Accidents

Question: Joe, we hear a lot of sad stories on the news lately it seems. Construction accidents and they’re not usually very good ones. When it comes to construction, very serious injuries. Talk a little bit about what people should know, their families, those who have been hurt on a construction site?

Joe: Construction work is dangerous. If you get hurt it’s usually not minor. The minor injuries those guys or woman don’t worry about it.  It’s the very serious situations. The law is very complex in New York.  There are laws that protect construction workers but the way they are implemented, I can say this with absolute certainty, that you need a lawyer to help you with those cases. The law is very confusing. It’s confusing to the courts even at times. There are great benefits to understanding that law and moving forward on it. We do understand it. This is why its important in those kinds of scenarios to contact a lawyer that knows that law and will help you use that law to your advantage.

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