Construction Accidents “Joe knows”

The first thing they want to know is how am I going to get my bills paid. I am not able to work. Am I going to get paid anything for may lost wages and who is going to pay for these medical bills? So helping them get their bills paid for or get them some money at the end of what an injury has brought to them. Getting them some closure if a good thing. Part of our business, part of our service is to go wherever we need to. From Buffalo to New York City. Ogdensburg to Binghamton and anywhere in Pennsylvania.
Construction law, construction accidents is one of the things I am very proud of what we do here because it is a very complicated field of law. If you don’t have someone who knows the ins and outs, who does this all the time, you can suffer severely. New York has a confusing set of statutes and regulations that vary from almost county-to-county within the state. Construction work is not safe. It’s a hazardous business that is why New York has in place these regulations and rules that are to protect the workers in a hazardous employment. You never get enough because no one really knows what you went through, all the hassles, all the pain, all the frustrations. No one knows that. We go where ever and when ever is necessary. We will go out and investigate. We will go out and find out every fact that we can and try and prove that you are entitled to a case. You need to go to somebody who knows all of those things or you can suffer serious consequences.
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