Question: Joe, those big insurance companies I’ve heard you talk and we’ve talked often about Colussus and how the insurance companies have used software programs like this. Can you talk a little bit more about it? What was the trigger? Why did they employ these types of tactics?

Joe: Well, you use a computer program for the same reason you get a computer program for any business. They wanted to have the same rules, the same everything to govern their costs because again they are in business to make money. Their business is to pay as little as possible over as long a period of time as possible. We all know that. Everybody has a business model and that’s the insurance business model. SO they hire people, very smart people, to design computer programs to help implement those policies. It’s pretty straightforward. You need to understand, we understand, that you are dealing with things they put in and things that they come out with. It’s not a person, it’s a plan. It’s like putting information into your smart phone and hoping it comes back with an answer that you like and a lot of times it’s not.

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