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Question: Joe, last week we spoke about denials and delays with Worker’s Compensation and Social Security Disability. Who is eligible? How do you know you may have a claim if you’ve been hurt?

Joe: Well anybody that has a significant injury that is working or thinks they were working, whether they are an independent contractor or any of those kind of scenarios, should investigate Worker’s Compensation. That is the law in this state. If you are in the course of your employment, you are entitled to benefits. Social Security Disability is a government program that you pay into. If you meet certain criteria for age, education and disability then you are entitled to payments for that disability. Under the guidelines set by the government and these are very specific guidelines, if you are unable to work or get gainful employment. Those are two distinct things and may be eligible for both and they do interact. Like I said before, most people that are seriously injured get involved with one or the other or both.

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