Big Business

Question: Joe, you deal all the time with the big insurance companies. Are there some that are better than others?

Joe: As everybody knows or should know, they are big businesses. The ultimate goal of big business is to make money. How they do that is they market and sell you a policy. They sell you their customer service. They tell you that they are going to be better than the other companies and save you money. But the bottom line is that they are in the business of selling insurance. They policy for them to make money is to pay as little as possible and take as long as possible to pay it. So when you sign up, no matter whom it is with, you have to understand that is how it works. We know how it works and we try to explain to people, whether they are our clients or not, that is how the system is going to work. There are ways that you have to do it. There is a game that you need to play to be successful with them.

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