Flood Insurance

Question: Hi Joe. With all the recent flooding, what would you advice people to know about? Unless you live in a flood plain, people don’t typically think they need flood insurance.

Joe: As a homeowner, you always need to evaluate your homeowners insurance and your other coverage’s to protect your property. We live in an area, as you well know, the weather is sometimes erratic and sometimes dangerous. Flood insurance is something that’s a government-subsidized program and you can only get it through those programs to cover floods. Homeowners covers most other risks and it depends on how much coverage you get for water backup because there are limits to that. The maximum, I think, is $10,000. Everybody should have that at least. Wind damage is covered on your homeowners but you have to make sure you have the right amount of coverage, the right amount of protection in those plans. So I say, every year you should look at it, check it out and these weather events that we get are a reminder of what can happen. So you want to be protected.

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