Verdicts & Settlements

A Record of Success

At The Stanley Law Offices, our attorneys have a long record of success in obtaining compensation for victims of negligence. We fight hard to achieve results, because we know the difference that our success can mean for our clients and their families.

In every case, our goal is to maximize compensation for our clients.

Notable settlements and verdicts we've obtained include:

Sixteen year old girl misdiagnosed at the hospital. The physicians believed that she had the flu however she really had pseudo tumor cerebri which is a build up of pressure on the optic nerves. Given the delay in diagnosis she was rendered permanently blind. She received 3.2 million at trial.

A gentleman was working for an amusement company and transporting carnival equipment when the rear of his vehicle was struck by a tractor trailer. As a result he sustained spinal cord injuries which rendered him a paraplegic. He received a settlement of 3.5 million.

Construction worker using an excavator when a pipe comes out of the grapple and flies through the window of the piece of machinery striking him in the head. He received a $725,000 settlement.

Construction worker falls from a scaffold on a construction site and sustains a herniated disc requiring surgery. He received $750,000 settlement.

Employee of a school district is walking into a building which is under construction when a large piece of ice falls from said building striking him in the head. He received a $595,000 settlement.

Plaintiff was traveling in an elevator. The elevator malfunctioned causing it to drop a couple stories. Claim settled for $500,000.

Plaintiff was working on a construction site when the scaffold upon which he was standing collapsed causing him to fall to the ground below and sustain a herniated disc that required surgery. Claim settled for $550,000.

Plaintiff was a tractor trailer driver delivering to a customer in New Jersey when he was directed to drop his trailer in an unmaintained parking lot. As he descended from the truck he stepped in a pot hole injuring his ankle which required several surgeries. Case settled for $412,000.

Plaintiff, a delivery person, was making a delivery to a supermarket. She pulled her vehicle to the loading dock and began to unload when she slipped and fell on ice that had accumulated on the dock sustaining a spinal injury. Case settled for $250,000.

Plaintiff sustained a leg injury while at work and was taken to the hospital. The hospital failed to diagnose the Plaintiff compartment syndrome which led to a permanent partial loss of use of his leg. Claim settled for $475,000.

Plaintiff was working on a construction site and is found injured on the ground. Plaintiff has no memory of the accident as he sustained a head injury, however it's determined he fell from the rafters and that he didn't have appropriate safety equipment. Case settled for $550,000.